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Citadel Sciences is a systems integrator delivering innovative, multi-layered solutions to help protect every element of indoor spaces.

Fully Customizable Solutions

Citadel Sciences offers comprehensive, fully-customizable solutions to protect indoor spaces.

  • Clean indoor air
  • Light that cleans
  • Self-disinfecting surfaces
  • Real time air monitoring
  • Save energy and costs

Layered Protection Mitigates Risks

Citadel Sciences’ layered protection combines individually effective, field-tested, scientifically-validated and safe technologies to clean the places we live, work and play while people are together.


Our suite of solutions provide robust protection with built in redundancies and are suited for a wide range of public venues such as offices, retail, hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, stadiums, vehicles, public transit and more. 

Human-safe lighting

Sanitizing power of light mitigates airborne and surface pathogens.

Needlepoint Bipolarization

Clean indoor air

Exclusive technologies that clean the air in the room while people are together

Real-time monitoring

Advanced sensors continuously monitor indoor environments for health and wellness.

Surface protection

Light-activated coating that disinfects surfaces for up to a year.

Safe & effective continuous cleaning

Replaces traditional, toxic cleaning chemicals with a solution more effective than bleach and safe for people & the environment.

Worldclass communications support

Restore confidence in your indoor space.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools Increases Student Achievement

As you look to successfully lead your community through and beyond COVID, air quality is not only critical for your students, teachers and staff— it’s unifying and improves academic performance. Addressing indoor air quality refocuses the COVID conversation away from politically divisive issues, and demonstrates leadership in prioritizing student achievement and wellbeing.

Our Partners

Teaming with the best in safety technology

Citadel Sciences is partnering with industry leaders to deliver innovative, multi-layered solutions that help protect every element of indoor spaces.

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